Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good News!

On Easter Tracy came up to me and posed this question, "Mommy guess what I am getting for Christmas?" "What?", I asked. "A COUSIN!" Mike and Melody were over for dinner and that is how they announced to us that they are having a baby!!!! Those of you who know them know what they have gone through and why this news is extra exciting. I selfishly want them to have a little girl so Summer has a little pal but either way we are SOOOOOO elated! I have been wanting to post something about this but wanted to wait until they put it on their own Blog. Congratulations guys!!!!!!!


Lamb Fam said...

I don't know who is more excited: you or them.
Super exciting!
We need to get together- it's been a while. Hope you guys are doing well.

The Bollinger Family said...

I think it is pretty close. I am probably getting annoying because I ask about every doc appt. and want to know what is going on every day.

Kristen said...

YAY! Congrats to them!!!!!! They will make amazing parents; and YOU will make an amazing AUNT! Very exciting!!!