Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A visit from Sandy

My very favorite woman in the world, my Aunt Sandy, came to visit last weekend and we had the greatest time. She is my Dad's sister and we have been close since I was young. There are almost 40 years between us but it never seems like it. Maybe because she is still a total babe! The last time I saw her was when Everett was blessed so it was fun to have her see my little family. I used to spend a week with her family in California every summer where we would have weekends in San Fransisco, shopping days in San Jose and strolls on the beach in Santa Cruz. She has always been my biggest supporter as well as my biggest reality checker. She has always praised my accomplishments and confronted me about stupid choices (unfortunately there were more than a few). Through it all she has been the greatest aunt anyone could ask for. I was so grateful she was finally able to meet Summer. We talked and reminisced for HOURS but still the time went by far too quickly.