Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Gathering of the Bollingers

Christmas with the Bollinger family is always a lot of fun and FULL of surprises. This year the shin dig took place at my in-laws and everything was fabulous. Summer loves her Grandma and Grandma LOVES to show her off. I am grateful Mike's extended family is so close. I have had a great time getting to know his cousins and nothing makes me happier than a huge party with people I love.
I had to take this picture of Steve and Ted videotaping because this is such a Bollinger thing. Everyone gets their camera's out, we wait for them to white balance, we redo shots for the right lighting and the list goes on...... Ted always brings extra lighting too. I suppose that is what happens when you grow up/marry into the TV Specialists family. I do have to say that Mike has more childhood video than anyone I know and I am grateful for it.
Our family talent was a rendition if "My Little Buttercup" (think 3 Amigos). They sang a couple of lines and then Tracy started dancing around like a crazed ninja. Everett just stood there and put his finger up his nose. That is his trademark move and he doesn't care who sees him to it.
Ev was a shepherd for about 30 seconds. He got bored and went to play with Grandpa's train.
I was shocked Tracy was so enthused about participating in the Nativity. He was a wisemen and behaved the whole time.
Summy was definitely not "meek and mild" as baby Jesus. She was kicking her legs in excitement, flailing her arms and blowing raspberries. What a ham. I have no idea where she gets it.Ha Ha Ha.
James sported his Buddy the Elf costume for the festivities. We all gathered round and sang an impromptu version of "Baby, it's cold outside."
Mike's cousin, Sean, brought THE greatest white elephant in the history of white elephant gifts. Mervins was getting rid of EVERYTHING and he picked up this half-mannequin for the party. Bubba is thrilled to put it in his new condo. I told him to put a skirt on it and place his presents underneath it.

Merry Christmas!