Monday, September 22, 2008

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting


On the 18th, our cute little Everett turned two years old. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. He loves Kung-Fu Panda so I threw him a little party and even donned my geisha costume for the event (sorry again to those of you whose kids were scared of me).

Everett and Kung-Fu master Mamma

We began the party with Kung-Fu trials. Each child had to prove their worthiness by completing four trials: chinese star throwing, balloon skadooshing (if you've seen the movie, you understand), bubble kung-fu and sword fighting. Below is a photo of Everett's very best friend Deac-Deac (Deacon to his parents). He is the sweetest little kid and loves Ev even though he pushes him around.Tracy-san vs. Tolman-san
It was really fun because most of Everett's friends have siblings Tracy's age. I invited them as well and I am glad I did. They understood the trials better and helped show the little ones what to do.
I love this picture of Tracy balloon skadooshing. This is definitely going on his wedding video!

After completion they were rewarded with great prizes. Well, okay they were just chinese food containers with candy and furtune cookies.

Finally, we ended with cake and ice cream. Ev was more interested in eating the cookies off of his panda cake than the actual cake itself. I shouldn't have gone to all the trouble and just put a candle in a cookie. No, I enjoy making a big deal out of birthdays and parties. I am dreading the day when my over-the-top, cheasy ways are embarrassing to my kids.


Kristen said...

You are so awesome! I love the geisha costume! I am such a lazy mom! You really put us all to shame!

Lamb Fam said...

My kids had such a great time! Now Tol wants "Bollinger Style" birthdays. Are you for hire?

Teresa Stevenson said...

you are so creative! Your children are lucky to have you as a mother. Happy Birthday Everett.

Trish the Dish said...

Where on earth do you come up with these awesome party ideas? You really inspire me (but let's face it - I'm still lacking the energy to keep up!) Great kung fu mama costume.

Hayley said...

Slow down supermom! just might have to hire you for my kids parties;)

Chandie said...

You do the cutest parties!! What lucky kids you have!!