Thursday, July 17, 2008


Everything has been so crazy the last few weeks that certain things have been neglected. One of those things was my sons' hair. We finally drove them down to Capelli's to have Charity cut it. While we were there, Mike got some sexy highlights for fun. I feel bad for the salon because we were there for a couple of hours and our boys were all over the place.
A cute girl named Brandy cut Tracy's hair and Tracy wasted no time playing up the dramatics. He kept complaining about how bad his hair was itching after the haircut that she gave him a good rinse. We laugh because Charity has cut his hair so many times he knows she won't give in, but this girl totally pampered him and he loved every minute of it.
Everett didn't complain about itching, but he also didn't want to stay in the chair. Char'd ended up chasing him around the salon trying to get the final touches.

Oakley came to visit Tracy and that is when the real fun began. These pedicure stools became their "scooters" while Everett chilled under the dryer.

Real men wear caps.


Lamb Fam said...

Well said. Real men Do wear caps. At least that's what we tell them when they're wearing them...
BTW, we have to look at you blog everyday so Tol can look at "baby Summer." I'm dying to see her!