Saturday, March 21, 2009

TV Specialists getsTAGGED!

I have never understood the necessity to deface public property (other than toilet papering). Mike arrived at work this morning to find this:
I think graffiti can be cool and some people are actually very talented. I love going on the train in NYC or DC and seeing some sweet tagging on the sides of abandoned buildings. I don't however think it is cool to tag the door of someones office door. I have three words for these dudes: TOTAL DOUCHE BAGS! They could have at least done something cool. This is really lame.
Luckily with some elbow grease, paint remover and razor blades this is what the building looks like now:


Ben said...

Maybe it's time Mike and I become masked vigilantes. Cuz these fools should pay. I call the name Nightslash.

Mike Bollinger said...

sounds like a plan!

Alicia said...

Douche Bags is right.

Trish the Dish said...

that's really crappy - what punks!